Motocross Challenge - 16 Bits App Reviews

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Good job

They patched all the 3gs problems and game now runs great! Awesome game and uped my rating to reflect fixes.

Good Job

Been looking for an Excite Bike clone since I purchased my iPhone and this is a good one! If you liked Excite Bike on Nintendo, than this is a must have.

This is beast.

Everyone needs to get this beast game!


A home run! This game is awesome. Excitebike was one of my favorite games in nintendo and this game takes it up a notch. Very well done!!


This is one AMAZING game, really fun and a great thing to play between my classes!

Takes me back

I love this game. Just like excitebike with improvements. Just wish it was harder. BUY IT DUDE!

Way to easy

Its close to excite bike except leaning has nothing to do with how far you jump. Its so easy just gas and dont land upside down and you win. Make it more difficult to land jumps properly and more of consequences when you dont land right and it will be 5 star game for sure. Would love to see something in an update soon

Over priced

Its alright...not worth 3 bucks though...would have been nice to have a lite version so Id know what the game play is like

Controls need buttons for tilt control

My review will go up once you make option for tilt control via buttons. Otherwise would be a good game especially since I was looking for an excitebike type game.


Best game ever!

More levels/bikes

Finished game in one day, not worth three bucks!!!!!


Dont let any bad reviews fool u. This is definitely worth buying. Very cool game.

Lots of fun!

Reminds me of the old days! Fun game.

Its ok I guess

Its ok,if u dont like to spend .99 for apps then dont get this.not really worth it.good if it was free

Great game

Very exciting and fun. I recommend to rebot after but after that, this games awesome!!! The graphices have style and jump out an the gameplay is FAST. Easiy recommended and worth the buck!


Fun game! Totally worth it for .99 cents!! Im really liking the online play.


Cant stop playing it. Last level os pretty challenging. I love it. Bring some updates and keep making it better. Dont let this game get old!!

My heart is broken

In multiplayer mode (vs world) IT IS NOT REAL TIME!! you just race against peoples old times. This whole time I thought I was racing real time with people and then I paused the game for the first time... When I unpaused it everyone was in the exact same spot! Im super bummed cause now I have no desire to play this game at all. No wonder i usually lapped everyone at least once! This would be (was) the funnest game ever if it had REAL TIME multiplayer cause the replay factor would be endless! Please make an update and I will forever play this game and give it 5 stars but right now Im done with it. Sorry


Had so much fun with this one. Great for fans of excitebike. Only thing more I would want would be herder difficulty level so I could play through it again.

If you like Excite Bike, youll like this

I loved playing this... I am now just bummed that Im done with it. It doesnt get much better for an app that only costs 99 cents I highly recommend this game. My only negative comment is in regards to the tilt controls, I wish there was a better way to address that gameplay element as getting the tilt action to work right was a really dificult (and not fun) mechanic to pull off during the hectic race action. In most cases, I just found way to avoid the areas of the tracks that required tilt. Overall though, great app... now lets get more levels and achievements ;-)