Motocross Challenge - 16 Bits app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 6096 ratings )
Sports Games Racing Arcade
Developer: DHG Games
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 15 Apr 2010
App size: 12.53 Mb

**** PRAISED BY THE CRITICS AND PLAYERS !!! **** "Motocross Challenge is by far the best option available for scratching that Excitebike itch" "Motocross Challenge can really compare to the best games on the iPhone and that’s because of the new kind of fun gameplay it has introduced!" "I highly recommend this game with a 9/10. This is retro bliss in a game." "If you liked ExciteBike for Nintendo, then you are going to love this game. It has the basic premise of EB, but adds tricks and challenges to an already fun game" 87%

Motocross Challenge™ is an amazing Motocross racing game where you race through gorgeous scenic locations, handle high-flying jumps and amaze the crowds with death defying tricks.

Motocross Challenge™ will please gamers in need of a pure racing arcade burst as well as 16 bits era nostalgics.


__________4 Game Modes__________

__Beat The Clock __
Are you fast enough to handle this race? Speed through the track as fast as possible, from checkpoint to checkpoint, to beat the time limits.

__The World Tour __
Can you handle the heat of racing 3 other opponents? This is the "Battle Royal" of Motocross Challenge, its everyone for himself!

__Trick Attack __
Its not about the race here; its about style, jumps and stunts. You will be thrown into a free-style trick session where its all about big scores and high flying action.

__VS Friends __
Its time to see whose the best in this duel mode. Play against your friends for bragging rights.

__________Game key features__________

- 8 Motocross Bikes
- 8 Tricks
- 10 Tracks to unlock through 30 Racing Events
- VS Friend Mode
- Highscores and Leaderboards

Pros and cons of Motocross Challenge - 16 Bits app for iPhone and iPad

Motocross Challenge - 16 Bits app good for

They patched all the 3gs problems and game now runs great! Awesome game and uped my rating to reflect fixes.
Been looking for an Excite Bike clone since I purchased my iPhone and this is a good one! If you liked Excite Bike on Nintendo, than this is a must have.
A home run! This game is awesome. Excitebike was one of my favorite games in nintendo and this game takes it up a notch. Very well done!!
This is one AMAZING game, really fun and a great thing to play between my classes!
I love this game. Just like excitebike with improvements. Just wish it was harder. BUY IT DUDE!
Dont let any bad reviews fool u. This is definitely worth buying. Very cool game.

Some bad moments

My review will go up once you make option for tilt control via buttons. Otherwise would be a good game especially since I was looking for an excitebike type game.
Has potential, but poorly done so far. Jerky movement. Too slow. Inaccurate physics (my bike stood on its nose for several seconds before landing flat on its tires). This app could be one of the better MX apps, but it needs a lot of work.
So the splash screen loads, the game tells you to press start, but the start button is grayed out and does not work. What gives?